Rodent Treatments

About Rodent Treatments

Rodents can damage everything from your home’s insulation to electrical wires, floor joints, and gnawing walls. Encroachment damages building structures and retaining walls. Rats breed very quickly and can be a major problem for homes and businesses, so it’s important to control pest rodents. Protecting your business or home from rodent infestation and preventing easy access to food and water can make a big difference. Our technician can help identify infestation areas and ways to protect against rodents. Hygiene and cleaning should be a priority, with regular and thorough cleaning to avoid rodent infestation.
Identifying rat problems early and fixing them as soon as possible will save you money in the long run. Torule Pest Control provides practical tips and training on food safety and storage, property management, and reducing common attractants to rodent species. Rodents and rats can be a bigger problem, especially in the colder months, so it’s highly recommended that you have outdoor measures in place, as they can come from outside before they can invade your home. For external bait, we recommend using a lockable rodent station as it not only protects children around pets, vermin and wildlife, but also keeps the bait out of the rain.

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