End of Lease Treatment

About End of Lease Treatment

Any lease should have pest control measures in place at the end of the lease, especially if dogs or cats live on the premises. Moving between, to, or from rental properties can be stressful without the added pressure of making sure your home is pest-free. When moving, it’s important to make sure you’re moving into a clean, pest-free environment. If pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, and spiders appear when you move out, it may be difficult to repay the rent deposit.
Defects include rust, leaking ceilings, cracked roof tiles, corroded gutters, exposed electrical wiring, improper drainage, burn hazards, railings that do not meet safety standards, and lack of non-slip grips on stairs, including but not limited to. One of every three homes in Australia is infested with termites at some point in his life, causing more damage than fires, storms and floods combined. Unlike these natural disasters, termite damage is not covered by most home insurance policies, leaving many people with damaged homes and no help. End-of-lease pest control is typically done when a tenant moves out of a home, ensuring that the property is ready and safe for new tenants to move into. Pest control should always be the last step in cleaning.

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